Johns Eve, or perhaps the evening away from Summer 23rd

Mr. Evan Davies, carpenter, Brynllan, Efenechtyd, that is anywhere between seventy and you will eighty yrs old, told the writer that their pal John Morris informed your you to he had seen a friends out of Fairies dancing, and they was basically brand new handsomest men he had actually ever viewed. It was nights and you will dark, however the put on that the dancing took place are strangely illuminated, so that the way of the only 1 beings might possibly be observed, however when the brand new Fairies gone away it became suddenly a little black.

S., Newtown, Montgomeryshire, for the following translation of before Welsh lines:-

Even in the event regarding the stories currently given it seems the Fairies stored revelry despite set times of fulfilling, nevertheless it had been considered that they’d special months because of their high banquets, and also the eve of the firstly Will get, old p. 95 style, is actually one of them months, and something was Nos Wyl Ifan, St.

Tylwyth Teg yn lluoedd llawen, O dan nodded tawel Dwynwen, Welir yn y cel encilion, Yn perori mwyn alawon, Air-con yn taenu hyd y twyni, Ac ar leiniaur deiliog lwyni, Hud a great Lledrith ar y glesni, Air conditioning yn sibrwd dwyfol desni!

Therefore, he has kept us a heritage which i thank her or him, and they have and given you an evidence of the cleverness and you can passion for nature

The Fairy Tribe during the merry crowds of people, Around Dwynwens calm protection, Are noticed when you look at the debateable retreats Chanting nice melodies, And you may distribute across the shrubbery And also the leafy groves Fantasy and you will phantasy on all of that are environmentally friendly, And you may whispering its mystical lore.

May-date dances and you will revelling reach all of our days, and most likely he has got, such as the Midsummer Eves festivities, the source from the faraway times when the newest Fairy Group populated Great britain or any other nations, also to united states have they bequeathed these types of Festivals, other than that and therefore ushers in winter, and that’s named into the Wales, Nos glan gaua, or All-hallow Eve.

But I could now briefly refer to Fairy doings to the Nos Wyl Ifan since submitted from the Englands better poet, and, then on the, I am going to do have more to say for the night.

p. 96 Shakespeare brings up for the their Midsummer Night Dream the existing viewpoints valuing Fairies within the The united kingdomt, but they are nearly identical with people entertained by some one away from Wales; so much in fact are they Uk when you look at the profile, it is zero great expand of the imagination in order to imagine he should have derived most of his advice of a keen inhabitant out of Wales. Although not, in a single sorts of, brand new poets malfunction of your Fairies is different from the greater very early opinion of those in the Wales. Shakespeares Fairies is, in order to a qualification, diminutive; they are certainly not so small within the Wales. But regarding its models in both regions they’d much in common. I am able to briefly allude so you’re able to similarities ranging from English and you can Welsh Fairies, confining my remarks so you can Fairy music and you may moving.

But Welsh and you may English Fairies visited including places to hold the revels toward. I offer on the same gamble:-

And not just like the middle summer seasons spring season Met we into the mountain, inside dale, tree, or mead Of the paved water fountain otherwise because of the rushy brook Otherwise by the the brand new beached margent of one’s ocean, In order to dancing our ringlets on whistling breeze.

p. 97 And further the new Fairies in both nations fulfill later in the day, and you may hold its Golf balls regarding instances out-of dark, and you will separate in early morn. For this reason Puck addressing Oberon:-

Now before split out of big date Through this domestic for each Fairy stray . . . . . . . . . . . . Trip aside, create no remain, See we-all at the break regarding date.