Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Occupation: hunter Face Allege: Charlie Gillespie

Emilio turned the fresh new guardian of the children at college or university owed to his knowledge as a hunter, he was the strongest of your own college students, therefore the just college student which was people, aside from the witches one to attended the school.

Even when Emilio are 19 yrs old, he could be a good junior in the Salvatore Boarding school, being held straight back from time to time during the basic school. Emilio was identified as having dyslexia and dyscalculia and therefore inspired one another his discovering and you will relevant words-oriented handling experiences and his capacity to learn amounts and you can discover mathematics affairs. He’d started gonna the newest elementary school into the Fell’s Church when they discovered which prognosis as well as didn’t have in any manner so you’re able to enhance the guy so they really got sent your to some other college or university that had teachers taught to let children with this diagnosis.

Tatia exhibited everyone in the Mikaelson family love, even if the Mikaelson failed to really like the woman

Species: Brand spanking new Vampire (thru Ayanna) Skills: Super fuel, very rate, super speed, extremely durability, invulnerability in order to white pine, invulnerability in order to vervain (as it try bought at the bottom of the light pine), immortality, awesome data recovery, psychological control, enhanced emotions, notice compulsion, sire bond, telepathy, fantasy manipulation, shapeshifting.

Weaknesses: creature blood, broken shoulder, this new remove, desiccation, invite, miracle, bodily injury, poison, sun, werewolf bite (low dangerous), enchanted thorns

Henrik Mikaelson is the youngest of your own Mikaelson siblings, born three to four ages just after their sis Rebekah, therefore the the one that caused their moms and dads so you’re able to curse their siblings, and you can himself. He had been personal with his siblings, nothing to battle which have them, particularly their cousin Niklaus along with his sibling Rebekah.. Henrik did actually show no sign of with their own wonders, in the event his mother thought he’d due to the fact pregnancy had thought in a different way up coming the woman half dozen most other of them. He don’t invest as much time together with his mothers, however, more time together with siblings, and much such their almost every other siblings he was afraid of his dad.

Henrik earliest saw his senior brothers, Elijah and Niklaus, begin assaulting after they come proving demand for an equivalent woman, Tatia. Henrik never ever watched new appeal of the newest doppelganger but the guy know as to why. Henrik enjoyed the fact that she addressed him too though she had one another his brothers pitted up against both. As he got old he had way more interested in learning the country to him. Which morbid attraction resulted in his untimely death, approximately their siblings envision.

Henrik Mikaelson

He had been fourteen whenever their fascination got the best of your. It was the evening of the full-moon. Henrik wished to understand the males shift into the creatures. The guy convinced Niklaus, who was simply distraught whenever Tatia picked Elijah, so you’re able to sneak away with him observe the latest men change. Niklaus, not in the correct aura, got him out you to evening. It witnessed the fresh new shift and you may an awesome time on one or two brothers had turned into bad. One of the werewolves saw brand new brothers and become running after them. Niklaus quickly found a lurking set considering Henrik was not much about your, but the youngest men was trapped and also the wolf become in order to maul your. Niklaus watched the new wolf get lost before he went over to their brother’s dry system and you may sent him back into the town, from inside the tears more than their error out-of judgement into the bringing the youngest Mikaelson over to comprehend the boys shift.

When they surely got to this new town Niklaus screaming because of their mother Rebekah showed up running out seeing the girl little brother’s system inside her old brother’s fingers. Shortly Esther and you can Elijah registered the three plus Ayanna. Esther pleaded for the most other witch on the truth be told there becoming a method to enable them to save yourself him. Ayanna knew brand new son wasn’t dead, perhaps not completely however, told them or even. She spelled Henrik’s system to keep your in the a permanent bed state up until she realized he had been well enough to take your returning to existence. Nevertheless when she failed to depend on Esther turning the woman left people, along with her spouse, towards vampires. To guard her or him about wolves and you will wage a thousand year battle into the a couple of types. Esther learned of your own fellow witch’s betrayal on visiting visit the lady to have bands on her youngsters and you may seeing the fresh boy’s system, but before Esther you may do anything Klaus got murdered the mother shortly after the girl betrayal of which includes their werewolf front. Ayanna made an effort to wake up Henrik nearly ten years after however BBW dating service, the woman spell backfired. Whenever she tried to wake him, the youngest Mikaelson arrived at die yet again but so you can rescue him Ayanna became Henrik to the an effective vampire casting the same enchantment so you’re able to Esther’s yet not needing to use doppelganger bloodstream.